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Wiki side til opsamling af info / erfaringer mht blue laser projektet

Ikke at forveksle med psaw


  • To control the galvos with PC software, so as to output images directly to a surface via laser.
  • As an added dimension, a 405nM laser will instantly excite the phosphor used in "regular" "glow-in-the-dark" materials. - leaving a trace of where the laser has been.

inspirational videos

MARCAN - OpenLase 405nm laser pointer & photoluminescent vinyl fun 405nm laser fade out test 2 (Daito Manabe + Motoi Ishibashi)

Stuff we have

  • 405nM laser module (from
  • Spray cans containing phosphporescent paint - MOLOTOW™ Nightrocker 400ml from The molotow webshop
    • 1xBlue
    • 1xRed-ish
    • 1xGreen-ish - Nearly empty
  • The knowledge that using these molotow tech spraycans is entirely different from using regular spray cans.
    • This is knowledge that cannot be bought!
  • ILDA compatible galvo module with controllers from china
  • USB soundcard from china


  • OPENlase

To do

  • modify soundcard to let out DC
  • Construct control curcuit
  • Document this page better.
  • Make something awesome

Ideas - aka. OOOOH LASERS!

  • Combine with kinect to make an interactive laser-based animation &| game.
    • pong
    • the superhero simulater - Shoot lasers/energy/whatever-can-be-animated out of your body part of choice.
  • Traffic info light
  • Advertizing on large outdoor surfaces
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